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*Prices shown in US dollars are estimates only based on approximate current exchange rates. The price of this vehicle as equipped does not include charges such as: license, title, registration fees, state/provincial or local taxes, finance charges, credit investigation, optional credit insurance, physical damage or liability insurance, or delivery fees. makes no representations, expressed or implied, to any actual or prospective buyer or owner of this vehicle as to the existence, accuracy, description or condition of this vehicle's listed equipment, accessories, price or warranties. Accidents are defined as vehicles that have sustained damages requiring repairs costing more than $2000 Canadian dollars. We endeavor to deliver accurate descriptions but, please note, this is a used vehicle and as nice as it may be, is not new. Any and all differences must be addressed prior to the sale of this vehicle. Although we attempt to keep inventories current, we cannot guarantee that located vehicles will still be available for sale. To be sure please contact us first.

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